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Impact chart – A simple but effective way of recording how your child’s diagnosis impacts them day to day without it being a painful or long process for you.

What to say when someone is being a d*ck about your child or parenting – 13 phrases to remember for those moments when you need a smart response to a hurtful or unhelpful comment!

Three beliefs about yourself as a mum that aren’t true (and how to change them) – 3 of the most common dark thoughts we have as mums, and how to change them so that we can move forward with confidence.

Questions for your child’s setting – Questions to ask of a new school or setting for your child in areas of school structure, staff, day to day, pastoral care, extracurricular activities, assessment & progress, communication and support for parents.

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Worrier to Warrior – Seven ways to thrive instead of using precious energy worrying when your child has a disability or additional needs.

Nine things that all SEND mums need to know – A selection of tips, tough love and reassurance as well as a practical exercise to help you to absorb the information and select which works best for you.

21 ways to work with a broken system – Essential tips on the practical and emotional aspects of dealing with a system that is no longer fit for purpose. Your child isn’t broken, the systems around them are. This e-book will help you to achieve the best outcome for your child that you can.

31 self-care moments for busy mums – Quick and simple ways of relaxing, reconnecting, redirecting our energy and thoughts and re-energising ourselves. No spa is required.

Definitive Do and Dont guide – Straight talk at the point of receiving your child’s diagnosis, when you need it most. Here are the essential dos and don’ts (in my opinion) as your life changes forever.

Dear Friend – 13 things that SEND mums would love our friends to know as we embark on very different parenting journeys now.

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Charlie also offers 1-1 mentoring sessions.

Typically sessions run for 60 minutes on Zoom during which she explores the issues that you’re struggling with, focuses on a priority for the session and comes up with some positive outcomes for you and your family.
Sometimes this is around mental reframing, other times you will take away a practical plan of action.

Each session costs £40. Get in touch to find out more.

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Events and Information

Some of the members of SEND Gin and Cheese got together for a Christmas meal in December 2022. For many of the mums, it was the first time they had been out with others living similar lives. Some came along nervous and alone, but everyone had a fantastic evening and firm friendships were formed.

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